IGBT 闸极驱动器

Part NumberPdf LinkVIN (V)VOFFSET Max (V)Number of DriversCharacteristicDriver Source Typ. (mA)Driver Sink Typ. (mA)Driver TypeTurn on tON Typ. (ns)Turn off tOFF Typ. (ns)Dead time DT Typ. (ns)Package Type
AG210110~206002High and Low Side Driver300600MOSFET IGBT160150SOP8
AG200810.5~206002High and Low Side Driver450900MOSFET IGBT170170SOP8
AG211310~206002High and Low Side Driver30004000MOSFET IGBT135130SOP16
AG210410~206002Half-Bridge Driver400650MOSFET IGBT650140520SOP8
AG210610~206002Half-Bridge Driver400800MOSFET IGBT160150180SOP8 DFN8(2×3)
AG213610~2060063-Phase High Voltage Driver200350MOSFET IGBT530530275SOP28